Beam Splitters

Beamsplitters (or BS) separate an incident beam of light into its two normal components. These devices come in many forms: plates, cubes, pentagons, hexagons. Based on the desired optical characteristics, these devices can come with dielectric or metal coatings.
Non-polarizing, Broadband, Normal Incidence, 45 Degree Visible, Wide Band neutral, Broadband Hybrid cubes.

While “cemented” BS are a commodity, we can supply high damage threshold, optically contacted/fused polarized cubes. Typically used in high power applications, these PBS cubes are thermally stable and the strong optical bond allows processing even after assembly; meaning, they can be cut, polished and coated. Our PBS cubes are made from of BK7 and FS.

cube beamspliter


BK7, Optical Glass

Dimensional Tolerance


Surface Accuracy

1/8 wave

Surface Quality


Angle Tolerance

±2 arc min

Clear Aperture


Design wavelengths

Visible (400 – 700nm), IR (700 – 1100nm), FIR (1100 – 1600nm)


Ravg <0.5% (@600-1050nm)

High Damage Threshold Optically contacted PBS cubes

Optical Properties Damage Threshold > 15 J/cm2 (@ 1064 nm), Flatness λ/8, SD 20/10, Transmission > 96%, Extinction Ratio > 1000:1
Agniroth OPTIK 2009