Optical Assembly

An optics house finds itself incomplete without being able to provide the mechanical housings needed for even the simplest assembly operations. We have partnered with two precision machine shops in order to provide custom assemblies and fittings. These machine shops have several CNC lathes, milling, stamping and wire-cutting machines to provide the highest level of precision. Parts are normally made of Aluminum 6061, 6000 series, 7075, Steel and several other alloys. Finished end products are anodized, plated or painted depending on the requirement.

We build custom positioning and mounting mechanical systems for centering and aligning optics systems. These include a variety of fixed and adjustable lens holders as well as translation and rotational components. Our design and engineering capabilities can provide customers with completely assembled subsystems including cell assemblies, reticles assemblies and multi-lens eyepiece assemblies as well as other machine parts.


Large Aperture Mounts
Agniroth OPTIK 2009