Right Angle Prisms

We supply a full range of prisms: Right Angle prisms, Equilateral prisms, Penta prisms, Rhomboid prisms, Roof (or Amici) prisms, Corner Cube prisms, Wedge prisms, Anamorphic prisms, Dove prisms, Littrow prisms and many more.

A Right angle prism is used to redirect the input beam by 90° and rotate the image by 180°. It is the most widely used prism. It is typically coated on the hypotenuse with Al to enhance reflectivity, while the input and output faces are coated with MgF2 (a common AR coat).




BK7, Optical Glass, BaF2, CaF2, LiF, Sapphire, Si, ZnSe


0.5 –  50mm

Dimensional Tolerance


Surface Accuracy


Surface Quality


Angle Tolerance

< 3 arc min

Clear Aperture



0.2 – 0.5mm

Agniroth OPTIK 2009